The Webs-a-gogo WAG-PAC - Its how we roll!
Our Webs-a-gogo self editable website/hosting packages. Fully featured websites you can control and edit in your Internet Explorer or FireFox Browser from any internet connection anywhere in the world.

What is in the world is a WAG-PAC?? Sounds like something you buy for your puppy. Nope! That's not it either. Simply is an acronymn for Webs-a-gogo Package (WAG-PAC). A WAG-PAC is a combination of services you need in order to have a complete public website which, among other things, includes three major and necessary components.
Webs-a-gogo has a WAG-PAC just for you!Fortunately for our you, these three services are a speciality at Webs-a-gogo! They are...

1. Website: It's what the public sees about you
2. Domain Name: How they find you and what the use to remember your site address.
3. Hosting: The web server services needed to offer your domain and website up to the public for viewing and online interactivity.

Websites are our speciality above all else here at Webs-a-gogo.  Since we know that most folks cannot spend several thousand dollars on a website, we built a $10,000 website, then made it so everybody can have one.  Cool huh?  It called WAG-MOD website.  Short for Webs-a-gogo Module website.  It's user controlled with Internet Exporer or Firefox, and highly developed for Search Engine Optimization, SEO with many modules for different things.  Theres a module for Shopping Cart, Calendars, Web Pages, Blogs, Catalog, etc. And all the modules are included with every website.  Click here to learn more about our flagship product, the Webs-a-gogo WAG-MOD.

Below are several of our more popular WAG-PAC offerings. Some of the details & services change from time to to time according to the market, but the essense of the offer is always intact. We really do not play pricing games. Our intention is to provide straight forward offers you can actually understand. This way the value and cost is out front so you can easily compare it, service for service, against the if there were real competition :-)... But they can always aspire!
The point is most folks do not have a clue what they need to get online with an impressive website. And most hosting companies know this. Quite often we see this fact as a disadvantage for customers in need. Many companies will funnel you into services they offer without regard to your needs. We don't do that riff-raff. Straight forward. In order to know what you're getting, you need to understand it. Otherwise you are flying blind.
Since one of our mission statement points is, "Your Success = Our Success", we are counting on you being our customer for as long as possible. Which means we find no benefit in a quick, cheaply executed sale to make a temporary buck. In fact, in order for our business model to flourish, we need you to be successful. So, we try VERY hard to make it clear what you need over all, what we offer in all the variety, and then you can compare it with what you want and make a decision. We welcome you to look at the items offered below and ask qustions. Hard questions even. We'll be happy to answer them and help you understand the answers.

NOTE: The offers listed on our Current WAG-PAC specials are just several of our current offers. While these WAG-PACS do change from time to time, the basic remain intact. Generally change means more stuff included. Pricing remains faily stable and does not change often and when it does, the value remains or increases. If you need assistance in gaining a greater understanding of our WAG-PACs, please contact us through our Contact Page or Support Center.

1. General Overview of WAG-PAC offers: Features and Services.
2. Standard hosting services and features included with all Webs-a-gogo Hosting Packages



Webs-a-gogo WAG-PAC Hosting Features
Features & Functions are what the Webs-a-gogo WAG-PAC is all about

What is it ? Website, Domain Name & Hosting all in one package

Who is it for ? Personal, Small to Medium Business, Organizations

What's in it ? See Below...

Click here for a complete listing of our WAG-PACs


The Stuff

Server Technology

Features & Functions

Mail Support

1. Domain Name
Domain Registration, Transfer or redirect * INCLUDED

2. Website -
Customizable WAG-MOD Website from our
Design Library or, Custom Websites built to your needs is available. *INCLUDED

3. Hosting
Webs-a-gogo Hosting Account and a
ccount setup fee * INCLUDED

Serious Level 1 Support:
Supported by your own Personal Web Specialist providing you unlimited Tech Support via Remote Chat, Support Action Contact Form, Email & Phone *!*


100 MB Storage *See Details Below
1500 GB data transfer/mo (you won’t use it all)
SQL Database driven site
FTP File Storage & Transfer
SEO optimized for results on Search Engines
Free Google, Yahoo & Live Search Engine Submission
MPOP© Technology for SEO***

Available with WAG-PAC

WAG-TRAK -Website Tracking/Analytics
SSL Certificate -Secure Socket Layer Data Encryption

And the answer is don't have to have them, but they sure earn their keep.  And we wouldnt offer them unless they were worth it. Click them for more info.
  • 99.99% Guaranteed Uptime
  • Tech Support (Web ,Email & Phone)
  • POWER: UPS and Generator Backup
  • Powerful, High Speed Servers
  • MS Server Technology
  • MPOP© SEO Technology
  • FrontPage Support
  • Contribute/Dreamweaver Support
  • PHP
  • MS SQL & Access Database Support
  • ASP VBscript & ASP.NET 2.0 Support
  • Javascript, Flash, Swish Support
  • CGI Bin
  • Raw Logs
  • Complete User Editing Capability using Internet Explorer or Firefox .
  • MPOP© Ready
  • Calendars & Schedules with reminder notifications & sharing *
  • Blogs *
  • Web pages (Press Articles & Press Article Featurettes) *
  • Product & Services Catalog with Dept & Category Hierarchy *
  • Contact Form(s)
  • YouTube Video Ready Easy copy paste method for showing videos in your website
  • Photo Galleries*
  • Guestbook
  • Helpful Links: Link page w/ images & memo*
  • List Subscribe Pages
  • Shopping Cart
  • PayPal | | Manual eCommerce Integration. Ready to go!
  • Web Sales Report (Custom available)
  • Client List/Record Mgmt
  • Client Homepage, section for private pages & Specials Client Info
  • MP3 Music & Audio Player (Upload, share & Manage your music online) for your site
  • Strong Password Protection & Multiple levels of credentials for different users. Complete with recovery methods.
  • FTP File Storage
  • Custom Error Page Capability
  • Sub-domains capability upon request
  • Domain Parking / Redirects
  • Hit Counters
  • 1 Web Banner (additional banners extra)
  • Link Partner/Reciprocal Linking
  • (SEO) Site Submission
  • (SEO) Search Engine Optimization Integrated. Every word you type is used for your SEO factor. Also Review & Consulting service available.
  • Meta’s, Page titles, Descriptions, etc. used universally for SEO
  • Image Library Access
  • One Free Month Banner on Webs-a-gogo site
  • Permanent entry into the Webs-a-gogo High Profile Business Directory. Upon request.
  • Additional advertising and marketing services available

    * Currently we are offering an Unlimited quantity of these. As many as you need for your site!

    Webs-a-gogo's Content Management System supported websites known as the "Webs-a-gogo WAG-MOD Site" is designed and optimized for Internet Explorer and Firefox only. Some other browsers offer most or partial functionality without guarantee.
  • 5-50 Emailbox accounts
  • Web Based address book
  • Web-Based Calendaring & Day Timer with sharing
  • Web Based Mail
  • Site Login (integration)
  • POP3, SMTP, IMAP email
  • MIME all standard types
  • Spam Filter
  • Obscenity Filter
  • Email Virus Scanning in and out
  • Administrator Control Panel
  • Vacation Service
  • Auto-Responders
  • Aliasing
  • Email Forwarders
  • Mailing List Server
    & More

....OK, we admit it is a little rediculous how much stuff is included. But that's kind of the point. Our intention is to provide you everything you need. Period. All in one package. For one low price. All the features, all the functions and all the support you will need to keep using our service forever! And so that's the idea. Hopefully, we will inpress you so much, that you never want to go somewhere else. You succeed, we succeed! It's that simple. It's our mission.

NOTE:  All WAG-PACs are provided many server related functions and features, as well as other services to provide a more robust offer. More importantly these services provide our clients with the tools and feaures they need to be successful over the long haul.

Storage is less important for most of our websites since we optimize file size and fast loading. However, for those who need plain, good-ole storage, it's included.
** Press Article Pages such as Home, About, Services, Newsletter, Whatever, etc.
*** MPOP© Multiple Points of Presence - Websagogo's proprietary technology for casting a large SEO footprint to help you get found!
**** Merchant Services Ready for PayPal, or Manual Transactions
Telephone support during normal business hours only 8a thru 6p EST Mon-Fri, excluding holidays. Additional Phone Tech Support is available 24/7/365 under our extended support plan.