Re-Thinking Support - Personal Web Specialist at
Re-Thinking Support - Personal Web Specialist
Personal Support is the best way to support. Your Success = Our Success!

Every noticed when you call or contact a service provider of any type, that once your finally get online with a person, you have to bring them up to speed on your account, your company, your purpose and whatever you issue or problem is. Then, heaven forbid, you have to call back and go through the whole thing again with someone else. There had to be a better way.
We think we've found it in what we call your Websagogo Personal Administrative Liaison, or Web-PAL for short.
From the first day of your account creation, you are assigned a particular person to get acquainted with your stuff. This Webs-a-gogo web specialist will always be the primary person interested in helping you find success on the web. They will be with you as you learn and grow into your web presence. Need Training and support, they are there. Have questions about billing, domains, websites, hosting or information about products, yep, they are there. In fact, whatever, you need, your personal web specialist is there to offer guidance and assistance.
If for some reason they are on vacation, out sick or on the line with another customer, you can either wait till they are available, or you can speak with the alternate assigned to your account. The alternate is a backup for your Web-PAL. In any case the idea is to provide you with a single specially qualified person who is aware of your needs and plans to help you down the road. To find out who your Web-PAL is, just login to your CAMP panel and their name is listed at the top. You can contact them via email, instant message, contact form or via the good-ole telephone.