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Help Details - Webs-a-gogo Online Training System (OTS)

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Help Details: QuickStart Guide - Introduction
We designed Webs-a-gogo's QuickStart with you in mind. You may have some experience with Google Searches, Microsoft word or other word processing software but may have limited experience with the web and computers in general. If this is you, then Webs-a-gogo's QuickStart is sure to make things quite a bit clearer! Just remember -- be patient. You are learning something new. Try to read all you can as you progress through each page of the QuickStart. If you get confused, don't worry, just contact your personal web specialist for assistance. If you are a more advanced user you will still find this guide to be a time saver. No matter what category you fit into with respect to your web-ability, time matters! We hope the combination of the Webs-a-gogo QuickStart, OTS (Online Training System) and your personal web specialist will be all you need to take your site to the world with success! To access the Webs-a-gogo QuickStart log in to the Control Center of your WAG-MOD website and click the QuickStart icon as shown above.

The QuickStart system is made up of a simple three point outline:

1. Priorities: A list of priorities you should make to prepare your site for public viewing. Since your website has so many features, it is important to have a plan. This part will make everything from here on, much smoother.

Establish Credentials
Establish Identity, Keywords & Contact Info
Decide if you will use HotSpots?
Decide the Pages you want to have
Decide the Links for the pages you choose
Decide if you will use a Counter
Decide your Text Colors & Styles
Will use the Online Catalog & Shopping Cart
Are you going to use your Blog?
Do you want to use your Photo Gallery
Do you want to use the Online Calendar
Will you use the Helpful Links Page
Do you want to use your Guestbook
Do you want to manage your Client base

2. Terms: We have a list of web-terms you need to get familiar with. Some are common in the world wide web and some are specific to Webs-a-gogo. In any case however, they are all useful for you to understand know when you read them or hear them used. Click here to review the Terms and Definitions.

3. Task Guide: We have the QuickStart Guide of tasks, complete with links to the pages where you need to take action in your website, and instructions on what to do. In addition, as you progress, you will find links to our OTS where you can see Tutorials, FAQs and HelpFiles with "How To" details to help you complete the QuickStart guide.
The guide will take you thru steps shown here:
1. Site Construction
2. Credentials
3. Identity - Who are you?
4. Homepage Setup
5. Links
6. Press Articles
7. Counter
8. Colors and Text
9. Catalog
10. Shopping Cart
11. Blogs
12. Gallery/Photo Albums
13. Calendar
14. Helpful Links
15. Guestbook
16. Client Page
17. WAG-Trak

The QuickStart Guide task list is vital to understanding your website, and necessary to the proper completion of your website's content. We recommend you stick to the guide list. Follow it or not, it's all up to you. Remember, the purpose of this QuickStart Guide is to help you get started smoothly, without confusion and wasted time. Your convenience, understanding and your web success are the reasons we wrote it.

To access the Webs-a-gogo QuickStart log in to the Control Center of your WAG-MOD website and click the QuickStart icon as shown above.
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3/30/2010     Date Entered 2/9/2009

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