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Get a Website with a Webs-a-gogo WAG-PAC and be in control
To get a High Profile Website at Webs-a-gogo, there are basically three ways to do it

1. Webs-a-gogo WAG-PAC Pkg: Best Value!
Includes Domain Name, WAG-MOD Website from Library & Hosting. Click to begin

2. Webs-a-gogo WAG-PAC Pkg Custom:
Includes Domain Name Custom Designed WAG-MOD Website & Hosting. Click to begin

3. Webs-a-gogo Totally Custom:

This is a Webs-a-gogo Hosting Package which includes a Webs-a-gogo Module Website (WAG-MOD) together with a Domain Name of your choice*. With a WAG-PAC your can select a customizable website design from our website design library, then add your own touches to it. It's easy and we provide all the support you will ever need. This option is our most popular to date and you can get it now by clicking the yellow "Launch the Webs-a-gogo Website Wizard" button above. Once your site is built, you will enjoy one low monthly price for hosting of your website, with annual renewal costs for your domain name, which was included with your initial WAG-PAC offer. Also, see below for more info on both our WAG-MOD website and the WAG-PAC Hosting Package Offers.
WAG-PAC Pkg Custom
This Webs-a-gogo Hosting Package, which includes a custom designed Webs-a-gogo Module Website (WAG-MOD)created just for your, as well as a domain name of your choice*. The one-of-a-kind, custom website design you get is unique to your needs and specifications and, is integrated to work with the Webs-a-gogo WAG-MOD Content Management System. While the basic WAG-PAC costs are similar, there are additional costs for the custom graphics-design work involved with creating a new website. Usually, unless you have some really great and unique needs, these costs run $75/hr and take 5 to 10 hours. Once your site is built, you will enjoy one low monthly price for hosting of your website, with annual renewal costs for your domain name, which was included with your initial WAG-PAC offer. Also, see below for more info on both our WAG-MOD website and the WAG-PAC Hosting Package Offers.
Webs-a-gogo Totally Custom
This is a custom build from the ground up. Everything is about you from the first line of code and the first splash of color. After a consultation with you and/or your team, we will kick our creative assets into high gear to produce a one-of-a-kind website according to your needs and specifications. Anything is possible and the answer is YES. All server-side platforms, languages and styles are possible. Databasing, web applications or whatever you need ... we can do it. Typically, these projects run by the hour or by contract. To find out more, speak to your web specialist, or contact us by using our Live Chat, Phoneor Contact Form.

*Click here for domain name extensions approved for WAG-PACs

WAG-PAC Anatomy
With a Webs-a-gogo WAG-PAC, YOU are in control. The WAG-PAC comes complete with a Website you control which has all the features, functions & capabilities we could think of, plus, Hosting, plus a Domain Name. See below for more...

WAG-PAC Hosting:
All-Inclusive Web Hosting Plan

»» The WAG-PAC hosting plan is the vehicle that provides the included services and features which have become so popular. Basically, you choose the WAG-PAC hosting plan which best suits your needs. This will determine how much storage, bandwidth, optional features and services included....and the price per month.

»» All WAG-PACs include Hosting, Website and a Domain Name from our elligible Domain extensions list (which are the common ones such as .com, .net, .org, etc.). We have limited the included Domain Extensions which are available with this offer because some Domain Extensions are more expensive than the, .net, .org, .biz, .name, .info. So if you need a special domain extension other than these, there will be some additional cost. Generally, depending on the extension you choose there can be additional cost of approximately $10 to $30 dollars a year.

»» For a complete listing of available WAG-PACs in our Product and Services Catalog, click here!

WAG-PAC Website:
WAG-MOD Customizable Website (WAG-MOD = Websagogo Module)

»» With a Webs-a-gogo WAG-PAC, you get a Custom WAG-MOD Website included in your WAG-PAC price.

»» Using just Internet Explorer 6+ or, Firefox 2+ you can edit all content in your website. You can manage Colors, Text, Pages, Pictures, Slideshows, Links, Product & Service Catalog, Blogs, Guestbook, Contact Forms, FTP, Calendars, Email, Music, Video, Website Tracking/Analytics and SEO tools, Client Base, Sales Reporting, Photo Galleries and so much more it is actually rediculous. And you can manage all these things using just your web browser. No special software or HTML code experience or knowledge is required. And it is simple to use with handy mouse over helps and hints and a full featured online Training System we call our Webs-a-gogo O.T.S. Plus, we'll provide you the support and online helps necessary to use it all. The Webs-a-gogo Module website is the one of a kind development our competitors wish they had. Custom built for seven years just for our clients and packed full of features to ensure your success on the web.

»» To browse the
Webs-a-gogo WAG-MOD website design catalog, click here. And remember, anything is possible. If you see a design you like, but want a modification, or a mix and match, let us know (we do that too!).

To learn more about a Webs-a-gogo Module Website (WAG-MOD)
click here.

WAG-PAC Domain
Top Level Domain Name Included:

»» With a Webs-a-gogo WAG-PAC, your Domain Name is included in your WAG-PAC price.

»» Just pick the available name your want from our list of approved TLD extensions and you assure your place on the web.

WAG-PAC Support
Unlimited, Specialized Personal Web Support:

»» With a Webs-a-gogo WAG-PAC, your support is assured. You will enjoy an extensive Online Training System (OTS), full of help files, FAQs and Video Tutorials to guide you along the way. For real time assistance choose unlimited Chat sessions with support staff, telephone support with a staff that speaks english.

»» Personal Web Specialist!
With a Webs-a-gogo WAG-PAC, your are assigned your very own web specialist who will become familiar with your site, your needs and your preferences. Why? Because when it comes to creating an online presence, with little or no knowledge of how to do it, we have found we have greater customer satisfaction when our customers have someone in particular as a "go-to" helper. An experienced guide who knows how to take your ideas and dreams and make them happen on the web. This is just one of the ways we make your website..."High-Profile".

Click here for a listing of WAG-PAC features and functions


Look closely at the details when choosing your website provider and hosting company. You will soon find that it is NOT the 25 gazillion MB or GB of space and bandwidth, you need, and it's not the 500 email accounts you need. These are just gimmicks to make you think you've got allot of stuff. The reality is that 95% of most web customers will never need 90 percent of the space and bandwidth that other companies use to try and add value to their product. You also don't need great discounts off of additional services offered to you only, IF you buy this other thing first. Especially, when those services, while they sound great, are not even needed by most customers. And much of the time, those extra services, which add up, are Sold to customers rather thanNeeded by customers, in the first place. Then, only to discover later that those services are either a hassle to maintain or never really offered true value and financial return in the first place. It's all in the details, when you are buying a blind item such as web services. IF you are not sure, ask us, we'll give you the straight scoop before you buy. Even if you are buying from somebody else, or just shopping.

The truth is that we'll provide more storage and bandwidth in our standard packages than 90 percent of the public will ever use. But still that is not where the real value is. Anybody can offer a bunch of stuff you'll never use, right? Especially when the company knows you won't use it. It's kind of silly, huh? What really matters is the stuff you WILL use. This is why our Websagogo site module is so important to your decision about your website provider and hosting company.
Over the years we've built many websites for many clients. In doing so we have been asked for many services, features and functions which our customers needed to make their websites successful. Of course below you will see the details. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), The fact that our sites have no page limit, No Photo limits, No music limits, No Email Limits, and no Catalog Item or Shopping Cart limits on the number of Products you can have and offer using your Websagogo Website. In fact we have included every services we could program for all in one package. Everything our customers have COMMONLY requested is in there. Contact Forms, Guestbooks, Blogs, Shopping Catalogs, Galleries, About Us, Home and other Press Article Pages, Counters, Customizable pages, easy to use editing. It's all in there. Furthermore, with our sites, the idea is that we give you EVERYTHING you need when you buy a Websagogo Website in order to be successful. Otherwise you will fail and end up off the web or on somebody else's server. That does not help you and it sure does not help us. With our pricing system, we earn more and more profit the longer you are with us. So when you are successful, we're successful. Even though you probably won't use everything we include in our Websagogo Site Module right away, in time you may. But either way, it's there if and when you need it, just a few click away. At no extra charge. By the way, did you know you can edit everything in your Websagogo website using just Internet Explorer or Firefox, from any Internet Connection anywhere in the world? Did we mention that.
One low price for everything, that's our approach. Give you what you are likely to need and make it easy to use with plenty of training and support. No step up pricing as you add more and more stuff like the other guys. It's all in there. And we're here if you need help at any point.
So give it a try, and if you decide that you are in that 5% that needs a gazillion Gigabytes of bandwidth or space just give us a call and we'll work it out. Otherwise, relish the fact that you made an informed decision for the all-inclusive option with plain talk pricing, no techno-babble with a web specialist to explain it all to you in a language you can understand. By The way, we're from Georgia. That would be the United States Georgia....Down South!